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  • My Top Favorites: Non-Toxic, Natural Make Up Routine

    This post has been one of the most requested posts I’ve ever been asked to write and it took me a long time because I’ve felt hesitant sharing — I am NO makeup artist but I’ve been taking really good care of my skin lately and been harnessing the power of a 5 minute beauty routine that works for everyday life (including mom life!) I stumbled into the natural beauty world after our second miscarriage and it’s changed the way I look at products and made me somewhat of a voice when it comes to more natural solutions in the products that I use.

    I’ve been testing natural make up products for a LONG time to try and figure out what actually works, what I love, and what my go-tos are and I’ve been hesitant to share, because I know people feel strongly about how some of these products are sold. Whenever I recommend something or back a product with my name, I always test things for months before sharing because I really stand behind what I share.

    I’ve been doing Instagram Live’s while doing my makeup in the morning lately (mostly since it’s usually the only extra 10 minutes I have in my day) and while I am absolutely no make up artist, I am passionate about finding better products for my world. After our fertility struggle and doing tons of research about the products I use on my skin, I realized that my makeup bag was the last to make the shift to a more natural approach. It took me some time, I tested a lot of duds, but I’m finally ready to share my recommendations.

    So let’s kick this off with the transparency we wish we saw on our beauty labels and let you know that some of these links are affiliate links (note: I’d share these even if that wasn’t a thing but I teach y’all to get paid for the work you do, so I’m following my own advice after sharing these for months without any links intact!) Purchasing any of the products listed via my links will not charge you any extra money, just think of it as a referral bonus for me to keep on trying new things, testing clean beauty products, and passing along the gems for you.